The FUTURE RETAIL Summit 2014 celebrates Middle East's retail success and global attractiveness this 17-18 September 2014. The two day summit will keep you updated and connected with key retail stakeholders and feature new streams, high calibre speakers and activities.


The Middle East retail landscape has grown massively over the last 10 years. UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are the three Middle East countries that were ranked top ten countries of the 2013 Retail Apparel Index, alongside of China, Chile, Turkey, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia and Mexico. The UAE and Kuwait were also listed top ten in the 2013 Global Retail Development Index.

In fact, retail is reported to contribute 28 percent to Dubai's growth, proving that retail will continue to be one of Dubai's main sources of economic growth. Now with Expo 2020 down the line, Dubai is well on it's way to becoming the iconic city for retail. CBRE's 2013 edition of "How Global is the Business of Retail?" also revealed that Dubai came second as the most important international retail destination. The Business Monitor International (BMI) estimates that the UAE retail sales of Dh114bn in 2011, will grow 32.9 per cent to Dh151bn by 2015.

As a great start to 2014, the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) 2014 had 70 participating malls and 6,000 retail outlets offering promotions. The 2012 festival attracted 4.3 million visitors, who spent Dh14.7 billion, from which Dh8.9 billion was on retail. The 2013 figures are expected to rise by 5-10 percent.

Likewise, not only are international brands expanding widely in MENA, but the regional retail talent has grown immensely, varying from apparels, food and beverages, and home décor.

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"You have a higher level of person here. More CEO'S, GM'S…I'd go so far as to say a higher level than other retail events get."
Myra Searle, Senior Vice President Retail, Mall of Arabia
"The set-up is very friendly – you have the chance to communicate. There is lots of opportunity to network. That is important for people who are interested in developing in this region. The CEO’s and decision makers are definitely here."
Rami Abu Shakra, CEO, Abu Shakra Trading Co
"I would absolutely recommend it to my colleagues. It is an opportunity to broaden your horizons and get more contacts – beyond your average high street retailer."
Mikael Schonberg, Merchandise Director, Ferrari World
"Future Retail is where we can learn techniques to increase productivity, harvest customer loyalty, find opportunities to expand and ultimately grow."
Ayse Banu Tas, General Manager, Deerfields Townsquare Mall
"Future Retail is a rare opportunity to learn from the experience undertaken by the legendary brands themselves – from the stakeholders who have lived through the most difficult challenges and come out on top."
Muwaffaq Jamal, CEO, Panda Savola
"Essentially, Future Retail is a tool to improve your bottom line"
Rizwan Asim, Head of Supply Chain & Procurement, SSC Al-Suwaidi Holding Company

60 Second Interviews

Rajiv Suri, Group, CEO,Retail, Jashanmal Nasional - Q. How would you describe the retail landscape at the moment? : A. The retail landscape is positive and consumer confidence is high and there is a lot of excitement on the Expo 2020 announcement which is due in the next few weeks. | Francis Loughran, Managing Director, Future Food - Q. What advise would you give to new retailers here in the Middle East? : Understand the market before your start expanding. What works in other countries may not necessarily always work here. Product adaptation, cultural adaptation, customer service and relevance to day part trade are crucial to the success of new brands. Offer authenticity and elements of hospitality and you will always have customer return to visit you. | Mohammed Bushanain, Executive Director, Corporate Quality and Management Excellence, Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai - Q. What advice would you give to new retailers here in the Middle East? : A. Excellence is not an act, but a habit and an on-going journey that must be continued. While we see significant changes in customer service in the local retail sector there is still room for improvements when compared to the standards in developed countries. | Asil Attar, CEO, Lead Associates, Former CEO, Majid Al Futtaim Fashion - Q. What affects does the fast digital world have on retail? : A. With online retailing, social media the impact is significant, the ability for our customer to be able to access international collections before they reach our shores, understand trends, and be influenced by brands means that bricks and mortar have to ensure that the tactile customer environment is at its best, driving the physical experience and loyalty | Humaid Zayed, Head of Leasing Retail Corp, Nakheel, UAE - Q. What affects does the fast digital world have on retail? : A. Currently there are many online companies and slowly the online retail is becoming essential. Many people have endorsed the idea of ordering online and getting their products cheaper than the market, however that is speaking from an international prospective. In the country many newly established online shopping sites have opened and made success in making people accept the idea of doing shopping or ordering food online. | Q. Marketing and customer service has taken more important roles in retail. What steps must be taken to ensure retailers are on top of the game with this? : A. It is amazing how you can already see the competitive marketing strategies that are taking place in today’s market; the utilization of the marketing space all around Dubai which includes lampposts that where not ever used, the big billboards on the road and the way marketing is taking place is much stronger than in ever was in the past 2 years. One of the major steps is to understand the customer’s wants and portray it in a way that would entertain both his consciousand sub-conscious to buy your product and to make an ad that is on par with the modern day level creativity.
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